The Trampolines are items in Clumsy Ninja that you use to train your ninja. They earn certain amounts of XP, which helps you to level up. If they are really expensive, they earn lots of XP! Cheap ones earn small XP like 100-2,000 XP. The more you practice on the trampoline, the more moves you can earn. For the first time you use it, you will unlock a move. For the second and third time, it will take longer, but it is still possible! Practice a lot in order to master all the moves for the trampoline.

Also train your ninja with the trampolines to earn belts.

Also the more expensive, the higher the ninja jumps and successfully is trained.

After trampoline sessions, you can high five the ninja for a compliment, to make him happy!




  • You can also tie balloons to the trampoline to make it float. You can even train him with it while floating, although there are really high chances that he would stumble and fall off at first.
  • If you hit the ninja and make him fall, the ninja will attack the trampoline, until you hit him again to stop, or put it back on the ninja kit.