In a new update of the game, Kira was finally added along with her younger sister, Lily. Lily joined Ninja and Sensei to train because she wanted to help find Kira . Lily was only part of the game for a short time before she was removed in the holiday update. However, she is currently playable within the lastest version

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Lily trains with Ninja.

She is a playable character when you reach level 5 of the game. You can switch between her and Ninja at any time, and both of them train at the same time (i.e. if Lily levels up, so does Ninja, and vice-versa).

You are meant to switch to Lily on the customisation menu

Appearance Edit

Lily has short navy blue hair, a light tan, and bright blue eyes. She has a flower that looks like a pink lilly on the right side of her head and a big ass.

Trivia Edit

  • She had the same behavior ( Like high five, training,..) as Clumsy