The Jelly Potion

In-Game Description-Turns limbs into jelly!

The Jelly Potion is one of the potions in Sensei's potion rack. It causes the ninja to contort and become very floppy. Every 5 potions cost 1,000 coins and 10 potions cost 12 gems. Every dose gives 2,000 XP in total each time. The Jelly Potion is unlocked at level 27.



I don't know if you're hurt or not....

Like what its description said, it does actually turns your ninja's legs into jelly. Well, not literally jelly, but it just makes his legs feel like jelly! He is immobile and lies on the ground unless you interact with either the potion,the ninja himself, or give him another potion. Another hint that the ninja drank this potion is that his other eye looks unusual and is sort of twitching.


  • This potion is found in the Ninja Kit.
  • This is unlocked with 1,000 coins or 12 gems.
  • The ninja still blinks when he drinks the jelly potion.