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Clumsy is the ninja you must train in the game. You can train, dress up, and play with him. He is clumsy playing with Kira at the beginning of the game (in fact,that is his name), but he gets better overtime as you train him with your training items. He has a goal to find his girlfriend Kira who was kidnapped by the Banished Ninja, but since he is very clumsy wielding all the training items to fight, you have to train him in order to do so.

Appearance Edit

Overall, he wears his old uniform, has green eyes and had the same height as other ninja.

Trivia Edit

  • He has the most training items available in the game, making it 69 items overall.
  • Each training item you bought for Clumsy, it will have 10% increased XP for all item. This the same for other Ninja, but it will plus 10%.
  • His real name is possibly Brad, because of an unintentional leak.