The Chicken is a very silly and funny animal, also is the first animal to be unlocked by the player. However, many people think this animal is not as mischievous as the squirrel!

Image chicken

The chicken walks everywhere, like the squirrel! When you tap on this animal, the chicken will wrap up into a ball and squawk. In a few months with tapping the chicken, the chicken will learn how to fly, and sometimes you get XP when you tap the chicken.

The chicken lays eggs that give 50 coins each per hour.

You can buy a larger coop (at level 25) so the chicken's eggs can give you 550 coins.

You can buy an even larger coop(called the chicken mansion) that gives you 1,400 coins per egg!


When you buy the chicken, she lacks the ability to fly. If you attach balloons onto her, and tap her, she will eventually learn how to fly! This is also a great way of earning some XP.


  • The chicken is unlocked at level 10.
  • The chicken costs 1,000 (?) coins.
  • The chicken is a female (she, her).
  • The coop is placed near the dojo.
  • Sometimes the chicken may pop out from the corners of the screen starring at you. You can touch it to throw it on the ninja (assuming he is infront of the screen)
  • Not very common, but if you leave the game for a bit, the ninja will try to think of something and then run up behind the chicken. Then he will point at it with a "making fun of it" face and will mimick the moves of the chicken, such as flopping the wings.



The chicken coop is behind the trampoline.