Clumsy Ninja:

About Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja is a game developed by NaturalMotion available for IOS 5.0 and above, and also for Android. Train, customize and explore with your own virtual ninja with more human-like motions than ever. It is the first game to use the EUPHORIA technology.


Basically, the game is anbout this ninja called Clumsy Ninja and he played with his friend who was called Kira. They did everything together and trained hard. They loved each other. Until one day,

Kira praying.


Seeing the ninja

after when they practiced on the Patchwork dummy, Kira prayed. She was floating up and down.

Suddenly, she saw a shadow lean on her. It was an unknown banishing ninja who got his knife out. Kira got her knife out and battled.

But then Clumsy Ninja found out Kira was kidnapped and they felt heartbroken. They never see each other ever again.



  • Find Kira
  • Reach level 99
  • Earn all the belts
  • Find out who the mysterious ninja was and capture him


There is many reasons why that ninja taken them. I think they loved each other and the banished ninja spied on them. Then he was probably jealous and took them to nowhere. Maybe Kira used to be in a tribe. MasterSee Ninja NewsDeputy SenseiImage119See Sensei's workAsk Sensei

I agree, maybe they wanted to stop their love. Maybe that mysterious man was 'jealous' of their love and maybe he was a relative of Kira. XxX-Roseluck-xXx